Lorentz PS1800 HR-07H-1-Rp1 1/4"UL-D

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Lorentz PS1800 HR-07H Solar Pump

Solar submersible pump system for 4" wells





  • Drinking water supply
  • Pond management
  • Irrigation
  • Livestock watering
  • Pressurizing systems



  • Fast, failure-free installation
  • Excellent serviceability
  • High reliability and life expectancy
  • Short Return of Investment (ROI) cycle
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)





Controller: PS1800

  • Controlling and monitoring
  • control inputs for well probe, dry running protection, remote control etc.
  • Protected against reverse polarity, overload and overtemperature
  • Integrated MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker)
  • low voltage disconnect for battery operation


Motor: ECDRIVE 1800-HR

  • maintenance-free brushless DC motor 
  • no electronics in the motor 
  • submersion max. 250 m, IP68
  • premium materials


Pump end: PE HR-07H

  • High reliability and life expectancy
  • non-return valve
  • Premium materials
  • Optional: dry running protection


2006/42/EC, 2004/108/EC, 2006/95/EC



Lorentz  PS1800 HR-07H  Solar Pumps Performance Chart
Submersible Solar Water Pump

Lorentz  PS1800 HR-07H  Solar Pumps  Dimensions and Weights
Solar Water Pumps

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